Friends 4ever


June 6-16

Thursday @ 7:30,
Fridays @ 7:30
Saturdays @ 2:00 & 7:30
Sundays @ 4:00

Jane hasn’t had the best of luck making friends since she moved to town. It doesn’t help that the house she now lives in was once the scene of a mysterious crime. Now nearly everyone at school is convinced that she’s a ghost. All of that is about to change when her birthday rolls around and she decides to throw an incredible party. Everyone will come. Everyone will see how normal she (and her house) is. Everything is going to be great. Or will it? When a mysterious girl named Paige shows up and guests begin to go missing, its up to Jane and her ever-faithful butler Alistair to get to the bottom of this birthday whodunnit.

**General Admission available online or by calling the box office (262)560-0564

The Lion King Jr.


July 10-14

Lion King JR (July 10-14)  tickets going on sale June 17

Wizard of Oz


August 9-25

Wizard of Oz (August 9-25) tickets going on sale July 8